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Take control of
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We’ve built the next generation hybrid bidding and mediation platform.

Neutral, open and transparent platform

Aequus was built from the ground up for Publishers. Our team has decades of experience in the industry on both publisher and demand side. We believe the current marketplace is broken, and we’re going fix it.

Mediation is NOT Free

The existing Freemium pricing models generate margins through blind revenue shares taken from their own demand. This creates inherent biases to ensure their demand has the best chance to succeed and incentivizes them to take as much margin as they deem acceptable to keep you happy.

Aequus is the industry’s first MaaS (Mediation as a Service) model with 100% transparent subscription costs.  No hidden costs or blind revenue shares cutting your ad revenue.


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No more conflicts of interest

Existing mediation platforms make their money via their own advertising products, and some also publish games that compete directly with their clients for users.  This has lead to understandable lack of trust  by publishers and questions on fairness to other demand partners. 

Aequus is purely a technology platform.  Meaning we have no vested interest in who wins an ad impression or withholding data pertinent to your revenue generation.

We will never have our own competing ad products and certainly never publish games. Period.

Opening Closed

Publishers do not have the freedom to work with the demand partners they choose, while many Bidders find it difficult to work with current platforms, either because of fear of unfair competition or lack of proper integration support.

Our platform is truly open. We are building support for all major SDK demand partners as well as allowing direct integrations with oRTB and API based partners.

You decide on, and control, who you work with, not us

Lack of Transparency

Current platforms do not provide insights into bidding mechanics and win data, making the bidding space open to exploitation, which goes against the guiding principles of why bidding   exists at all.

Aequus is built on transparency and neutrality. Our bidding product will provide deep insights and reporting into the entire bid landscape for publishers and demand side partners to ensure a fair bidding platform.

We have nothing to hide, why work with companies that do?

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