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Why MaaS?

Take Control with Mediation as a Service

Lack of Transparency Reduces Ad Revenue for Game Publishers

  • The biggest mediation platforms publish their own games to directly compete with their clients for users and ad revenue. Wait, what?
  • Freemium mediation uses blind rev-shares paid for by their own demand. This creates bias and distrust.
  • Data protection and privacy are a top priority yet publishers are expected to share user data with their frenemy mediation partners. What could go wrong?
  • Publishers are stuck in walled gardens with demand sources chosen by the mediation provider, limiting publisher revenue potential and flexibility.
  • Demand-side bidders are frustrated due to lack of transparency and platform restrictions. This leads to further lack of choice for Publishers. Seriously?

Mediation as a Service gives you more control of your ad strategy.

What does more control really mean?

    • When pricing is simple, you have more control. Nothing is hidden in the margins or the fine print. You can budget. More important, real supply<>demand CPM optimization is now possible.
    • More control also means you have, well…more control. You can choose which demand partners you want to work with. You can define hybrid waterfalls or other bidding solutions based on your needs. You can customize and work direct with whatever partners you desire.
    • Transparency is good business. Real transparency ensures fair bidding because you have insights in competitive bidding mechanics and win data. Level the playing field when you know who won, and what they really paid. 
    • Open APIs and simple, predictable, transparent pricing means you can integrate MaaS as deeply into your business as you need.

    As the only independent and truly neutral mediation and bidding platform, Aequus provides a full-suite of capabilities designed to help you grow your apps profitably.