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Best Software Ever.

Holisticly syndicate unique technology after clicks and mortar growth strategies. Credibly expedite frictionless relationships after revolutionary.

Easy Customization

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Cloud Upload

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Super Fast

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Proven Technology

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Save Money ​

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100% Satisfaction

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Network Tanking Tool

Share your waterfall in real-time with demand to drive efficiency and higher revenue from your yield optimization.  You control the data displayed as well as permissions to enable demand partners to change floors and add placements without you having to lift a finger.  Gone are the days of answering countless email and messaging requests to change floors!

Next-Gen Bidding

We are powering the next-generation bidding platform, free from demand bias, to drive increased competition for every impression. With our bidding process, take control of your auctions and visualize all the bidding dynamics via easy to use, yet powerful, Bid Landscape reporting.

Aequus is committed to bringing both Demand and Supply partners closer, through open, transparent, and neutral bidding.

User Level Data

Power your UA strategies with the accuracy of Impression and User Level Ad revenue reporting. Gain insights to every user you acquire and connect your data to your own power BI tools. And your data is your data.

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This is awesome! So thrilled to be on the @CIOonline list of "Top 20 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2018" Twiiter link here

— Kathryn Minshew (@kmin) December 21, 2017

I’m loving the @NikeRunning app. The guided runs are very well done and motivating. Gives me just enough structure to follow, and the Spotify integration is 👌

— Danny Halarewich (@halarewich) January 19, 2018

When it’s not procrastination, distraction is a powerful form of natural selection. Pay attention to ideas you can’t stop thinking about.

— scott belsky (@scottbelsky)
October 20, 2017


Dilpesh Parmar

Product Vison Leader

Andy Ulery

Operations and Strategy Leader